Sarah Longwell, IBCLC

Sarah Longwell, IBCLC
Licensed Lactation Consultant (Oregon)

When her first baby was one week old, Sarah stumbled into her future career at a local breastfeeding support group. She discovered her path to motherhood in the comfort and collective wisdom of the women she met there. Several years later, with both kids in school, Sarah was ready to go back to work, but found her passion for marketing had been replaced with a passion for supporting parents and their babies. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Sarah is proud to help parents follow their instincts about their infants, providing sound evidence-based advice and empathy beginning in pregnancy and through every stage of babyhood.

To schedule a home visit with Sarah, please use our Contact Form or call our Warmline at 503.762.1632.

For families who would like to use their insurance and are willing to come to a clinic for care: Sarah is delighted to also provide lactation services in collaboration with Dr. Kerry Schaefer at Healthy Living Family Medicine in Southeast Portland. Healthy Living Family Medicine is able to directly bill many insurance plans for lactation services. To ask questions about coverage or to schedule a clinic appointment with Sarah, call 971.231.4536.


What our clients say about working with Sarah:

From C.W.W.

“Sarah was such a godsend--not only did she provide expert advice about managing my baby's tongue tie and post-frenotomy routine (the original reason I scheduled the appointment), but she was a wealth of knowledge, resources, and reassurance about several other issues that came up over the course of our relationship. I am so grateful she came into our lives when she did!”

From J.D.

“Sarah is an amazing lactation consultant. She has a way of listening beyond the chaos and stress to find the core of what really matters. After every session with Sarah I felt relieved, supported, heard, and knew that I had the tools necessary to move forward. Sarah has the invaluable ability to set aside any personal bias and ensure that your personal goals are valued and attained. Throughout my first few months as a mother the learning curve was huge – insurmountable at times. After meeting and working with Sarah, I knew I had found my safe haven for support and knowledge.”

From K.W.

“Sarah has been fantastic with my exploration of how to continue to breastfeed with my fast return to employment after giving birth, and a very difficult work schedule. She’s been patient and kind as we brainstormed about this concern, and has helped me come up with some unique ideas about how to make this transition. While not only validating my concerns, Sarah has challenged me to think about myself and balance that with my work and home life. I would recommend Sarah and her skill set to any of my friends and colleagues.”

From K.G.

“Sarah's attention to detail and relaxed sense of humor, paired with her ability to ask good open-ended questions, are what helped me feel like my lactation plan was manageable.”

From M.A.

“With my second baby, Sarah helped me through some challenging latch issues. She was pro-active, calling me to check in and offering suggestions, which proved extremely helpful. Her calming presence helped me through a difficult time and her advice helped me nourish and bond with my baby.”

From M.L.

“A couple weeks after my baby’s birth, I had a minor, but painful, breastfeeding problem. Sarah responded to my call right away and gave me some very helpful and useful advice. My issue was quickly remedied, where otherwise I probably would have been in discomfort longer than necessary. She was very empathetic and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Sarah to all my friends who are pregnant or breastfeeding. She is kind and thoughtful, well informed, and takes time to really listen and answer questions."