Our Philosophy

We believe that every baby and every parent are unique and deserve care that reflects their individual needs, goals, challenges and triumphs. Our philosophy of care reflects a great respect for the natural biological processes of pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation, and also for the specific and changing needs of the families we work with.

We support our clients to find their own way as parents. This involves providing the best and most relevant information available about lactation and breastfeeding science, as well as thoughtful and empathetic support through the myriad challenges of parenting a new baby.

Our Organization

Miracle of Nurture is a cooperative group of independent providers. Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants each bring their unique skills and knowledge to the group for the benefit of all. Each of us operate our own independent businesses, and we are financially separate from one another. We back each other up in order to provide continuity of care for our clients, but we enjoy being self-employed in this collaborative model.