Our Philosophy

We believe that every baby and every parent are unique and deserve care that reflects their individual needs, goals, challenges and triumphs. Our philosophy of care reflects a great respect for the natural biological processes of pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation, and also for the specific and changing needs of the families we work with.

We support our clients to find their own way as parents. This involves providing the best and most relevant information available about lactation and breastfeeding science, as well as thoughtful and empathetic support through the myriad challenges of parenting a new baby.

We also believe in encouraging the education and training of future lactation consultants. Our IBCLCs are proud to mentor lactation students who are earning valuable learning experiences through our Internship Program. Usually in an appointment with us, your IBCLC will have one or two students at various points in their journey to becoming a lactation consultant. You can be assured that our interns are trained and supervised to provide excellent care, and our clients benefit from having more than one care provider at their appointments. Click here to meet our interns.