Emilia Smith, LDM, CPM, IBCLC

Emilia has been working with breastfeeding  families since 2008. She believes that breastfeeding embodies both the normal and miraculous in life. Given the opportunity, a woman can begin her life as a mother with confidence in her  body, a belief in the power of her intuition, and the knowledge that with adequate information, she can make the best choices for her child. In addition to being a lactation consultant, Emilia is also a midwife with Rosehip Midwifery. Her work as a midwife allows Emilia to work closely with women throughout the childbearing year and to be present for the first moments when mom and baby meet and the breastfeeding relationship begins.

To schedule a home visit with Emilia, please use our Contact Form or call our Warmline at 503.762.1632.