Ara Greenfield, IBCLC

Ara's fascination with babies, birth, and breastfeeding began as a young girl. This lifelong interest led her to study Community Health at Portland State University, with an emphasis in Maternal and Child Health. After graduation and a decade staying home raising her children, Ara discovered the Associates of Lactation Consultation program at Birthingway College in 2012. Since graduation, she has been serving families with breastfeeding and postpartum support. Ara finds it both an honor and a privilege to support families during such a profoundly meaningful time in their lives.

What our clients say about working with Ara:

From I.S.

“When my baby was born I thought breastfeeding would just "happen". There was so much focus on the pregnancy that I figured once she was born we would just figure things out. Unfortunately the birth experience was quite different than I imagined it would be, and we were off to a rough start from the get go. When we arrived home from the hospital things seemed okay, but the following day nursing was not going well. Luckily a good friend came by that day to drop off a meal and I confided in her that I was in a lot of pain. She encouraged me to contact Ara and I am so thankful that I did. 

Ara was so helpful in assisting us with getting a better latch as well as helping to increase my supply and build my confidence with breastfeeding. I am so grateful for her depth of knowledge and never ending thoughtfulness!"

From C.S.

“Ara was instrumental in helping me build a great supply with my second daughter. I struggled with breastfeeding the first time around and Ara guided me before my baby was born, through her arrival, and well into months of nursing. Ara was always so knowledgeable, encouraging and a sounding board for me when it was sometimes a challenge. I always felt as though Ara gave me sound advice that worked with our particular situation and we were able to have a successful nursing experience.”

From M.R.

"I’ve thought hard about how to best describe my experience with Ara after the birth of my daughter. I can honestly say that she saved me on my worst day and continued to support me in the weeks that followed. 

Her knowledge, measured confidence and troubleshooting allowed us to formulate a plan to successful breastfeeding. Almost more importantly, Ara's demeanor and attitude immediately put me at ease. Postpartum can be a vulnerable time and she made me feel I had control and like I was leaning on a good friend. Ara listened, empathized and always got back to me promptly with any questions or concerns.

When someone helps you the way Ara helped me and my family it can be difficult to accurately express. I hope this reflects my gratitude."

From A.F.

Ara helped my friend with her son a few months ago during a pretty horrible breastfeeding crisis. I just wanted to write to you and thank you again for coming. You guys are truly amazing. They have officially made it 6 months breast feeding and still going strong. That is hugely because of the resources and reassurance provided so early on by you. It made a world of difference. Thank you again for all
you do.

From B.F.

Ara came into our home in a time of need. She is calm, collected and compassionate. She was patient and understanding. Following the meeting we breathed a sigh of relief... I cannot speak more highly of Ara and her staff.
She gets it, she completely changed our outlook on the breastfeeding process and provided us with information and confidence in our decisions moving forward. I would recommend her to anyone. A sit down with her will make your breastfeeding experience more productive and enjoyable.